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Adult Education-Educación Para Adultos

La Casa offers adult education through English, pre-GED, Intercambio (English-Spanish Exchange) & technology classes. Additionally La Casa offers Leadership Development through “Juntos Aprendiendo en Comunidad,” Learning Together in Community, a group created by La Casa students that fosters trust, relationships, connection, confidence and leadership; a space where students co-create the curriculum and practice collective leadership.  Classes are offered during the typical academic year and divided by quarters beginning in September through May with a summer programs beginning in June through August. 

Currently all classes are being offered virtually due to COVID-19, but will be shifting to a hybrid model in 2022. For more information on how to register for classes or current class schedules click the button below to connect with the Adult Education Team. 



English Classes 

We offer five level of English Classes offered through a partnership with Yakima Valley College. Through this class student progress is tracked to help set and achieve each individuals’ learning goals.

Levels 1 & 2 of English classes cover beginning English skills such as, pronunciation, speaking, listening, writing, and reading.

Students are actively involved and co-create the class curriculum with their teachers. La Casa centers student voices in this class and throughout the organization so that students can have a voice in and take part in the decision making process for their own learning. Students express their learning needs and play an active role in selecting the content areas they want to cover and that are important for them to achieve their learning goals. This model supports community, confidence and leadership among students in and outside the classroom. 

Levels 3-5 expand on skills developed in Levels 1 and 2. Students continue to collaborate with instructors to ensure that lessons are relevant and interesting and prepare students to use advanced English skills in their daily lives, and in professional settings.

Technology Classes

Much of La Casa’s programming is a response to community needs. Technology Classes at La Casa were first offered in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Early on in the pandemic, La Casa along with students and their families, had to quickly adapt to working remotely and to using new online learning platforms. At first, many students found the transition to virtual learning intimidating and challenging. Some of the challenges that our students faced were directly connected to lack of access to reliable internet connection and access to smart devices needed to participate in virtual classes at La Casa.

This class was established to directly address the challenges faced when navigating new technology. As more and more students became familiar with the technology and processes to access online classes and resources, they were able to also support their own children learning remotely and partnered with their classmates to share that learning so that they too could access classes at La Casa. 

Along with learning to access classes at La Casa virtually, students also learn to navigate other online resources and grow their tech literacy skills so that they are able to use technology effectively to support their personal and learning goals. In 2022 La Casa intends to offer a hybrid learning model. 


Earning a GED can transform lives! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with a High School Diploma or other equivalent degrees like a GED, can increase their employment rates, qualify for more job opportunities and earn higher wages than those without.  Additionally, these same individuals are able to access opportunities for higher education.

Pre-GED classes at La Casa are the first step toward earning a GED. Pre-GED classes support students by developing literacy and math skills in preparation for GED classes. Classes are conducted in both English and Spanish to additionally support students in developing their English reading, writing and conversational skills. 

Intercambio: English-Spanish Language Exchange Class