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Lake Washington Girls Middle School from Seattle stopped by la Casa Hogar September 28th, they came to learn what La Casa does in the community, and also to share about their program at the school in their talents. Thank you we’ll wait for next year visit.








Yaneth attended Pre-GED classes at La Casa Hogar in winter 2017, and this September 13th Yanet received her GED Diploma.

Thanks to AMERIGROUP for a grant awarded to La Casa’s Pre-GED program this 2018, your support gives La Casa more opportunity to help students like Yaneth when they need support to pass to the GED program.

“I recommend to everyone that wanted to join this program; fractions are very important, I learned the fractions when I was at La Casa Hogar’s Pre-GED program. Reed a lot, reading will help to pass your tests. I also want to say that it took me a year to get my GED; from winter 2017 until July 2018 that I took my last test. We have to think that the process won’t happen right away; it will take time, but the effort is worth it”



Yanet asistio a las clases de Pre-GED en La Casa Hogar en el año 2017 y este 13 de Septiembrr recibio su diploma de GED. Gracias a AMERIGOUP por su aportacion de una beca a La Casa Hogar este 2018, nuestro programa de Pre-GED a estado sirviendo a estudiantes que como Yaneth, necesitan ayuda para dar el siguiente paso al programa del GED

“Yo les recomiendo a todos que se preparen, las fracciones son bien importantes, y las fracciones por primera vez las vine a aprender aquí en La Casa Hogar; también tienen que leer mucho, la lectura  les va ayudar mucho si es que quieren pasar sus exámenes. Tambien quiero decir que a mi me llevo se puede decir un año por que comenze las clases de Pre-ged en La Casa Hogar en invierno del 2017 y mi ultimo examen fue en Julio del 2018. Uno tiene que pensar que las cosas no van a suceder de la noche a la mañana, se va  atomar tiempo, pero vale la pena esforzarse”

September 2018



Thankful student returns to La Casa to share her amazing achievement!

Recently Ofelia Gonzalez came to visit La Casa. Ofelia is a former computer, English and pre-GED student. She was very happy and came to share about her recent work experience.

At the beginning of the season, she applied to work in a warehouse, just for the cherry season. Her manager offered her the opportunity to do computer-related work. Even though she was nervous, she agreed because it is hard to say “no”. She was concerned about being unable to do the work. They gave her a week to learn. To everyone’s surprise, she learned the job in one day and had the position the whole cherry season! At the end of the season she was offered a year-round position doing the same computer-related work at the warehouse.

Ofelia is very proud of her achievements. She came to let us know about her success and to say thank you for the support she received here at La Casa Hogar. Amazing indeed, Ofelia is one among many women whose lives are changed because of their participation at La Casa Hogar, and our community is also better for it.

Magdalena Serrano, Student

My name is Magdalena Serrano. I am married and have two daughters, 10 and 5 and a son, 8 years old. I would like to tell you a little about how I arrived at La Casa Hogar.

I have lived in the Yakima Valley since 1991. The first 5 years were very difficult, even traumatic, for me. Recently married, expecting a child and in a new country, where unfortunately I was not able to express myself adequately, sometimes could result in a real trauma for me.

But one fine day I met a good friend who told me about La Casa Hogar and the services that were there for the community. I was interested principally in English classes and had to have childcare for these classes.

Here they accepted me as a student, but mainly they accepted me as a member of the family of La Casa Hogar. Little by little my depression disappeared until I began to feel like I had something to offer and that I could repay a little of what I had received.

Now I am a volunteer and after work I go to La Casa Hogar to teach a driving class. Some of the women come with the necessity of learning in a group and with enthusiasm to make changes in their lives by getting a drivers’ license.

At La Casa part of coming and learning is having an open door to friendship. If you need help and for some reason we are not able to help you, perhaps we can refer you to where you can get some help.

If someone that you know or you think might be in a similar situation as I was, tell her, “Come to La Casa Hogar.” I assure you that here she will encounter what she needs. Try coming and you will not be sorry that you came.

Lourdes Contreras, Student

To me La Casa Hogar is like a visit to my beloved friend’s home, or the home of my loving aunt. Because here at La Casa Hogar, I have found affection, amiability and trust from the staff and sincere answers for all of my questions. Overall, it fills some part of my expectations as a woman and human being. Thanks Casa Hogar for opening your doors to whomever needs a sincere friend. God bless you forever.

Haria G. Lopez, Student

In my personal opinion; to me La Casa Hogar is an experience and at the same time a big opportunity to learn English like a second language. I hope that in the future we can count with more places like this to give more opportunity to more people. I want to say thank you to the institution and the staff. Because a friend of mine told me about this class and for this reason I came, because to learn and succeed. Thank you!!

Poem from former Executive Director – Carole Folsom-Hill

I am reminded of this poem I penned in the earlier days of serving La Casa Hogar. It remains as true today as it was then.The core of me is this place
the place where I am today.
It’s the being of me, where it
all comes together.
It’s the wholeness I yearn for.
Here in this place I am at once
hurry up, slow down
strong and soft
impatient and patient
loud and quiet
aggressive and passive
alone and together
and this is more
voice for those not yet ready
hear the voice of those who are
open the path for those in between.
See big and far.
Now in this place morning sunlight at the dining room table silent holds the sound of hands moving on the paper
Enedina, Mireya, Magdalena, Jim, Neli, Rosa, Luz and me.
The core of me is this place,
the place where I am today
it’s the being of me, where it all comes together.
It’s the wholeness I yearn for.

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