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Looking for New Team Members! Estamos Buscando Nuevos Miembros del Equipo!

Written Story Sharer (Consultant or part-time employee): The Written Story Sharer is the primary creator and writer of grants at La Casa Hogar. Here is our philosophy:

Grant writers have been historically awarded grants by victimizing communities of color and organization’s “clients” in the stories we tell and the ways we write. La Casa Hogar writes and wins grants from a strengths-based lens, highlighting the values, strengths and resilience of those who come to La Casa Hogar. Instead of seeking “help”, La Casa writes grants as invitations into a larger vision and mission. La Casa perceives grants and proposals as opportunities to capture our organizational and student/staff voices in writing to share and declare a different narrative—not one of deficit, but one of strength. How? Here are some examples: *Submitting reports, grants or proposals with Spanish and English mixed together; *Directly incorporating student voices and staff voices; *Orienting writing around the high value of authentically sharing voice. If this philosophy matches with yours, click HERE for full description.

Citizenship Program Assistant:

The Citizenship Program Assistant is a bilingual individual, passionate about working with families and communities. She/he understands the naturalization and citizenship process, eligibility requirements and the required knowledge of U.S. History and Civics and is willing to learn more. This team member offers case management and accompanies and supports individuals from the citizenship classroom to their oath ceremony. She/he collects outcomes and data for each student, and works with the Citizenship team to ensure all data is entered and accurately tracked. This team member also supports eligible LPRs and citizenship instructors with their citizenship classes twice per week in the evenings in the Yakima Valley. If this sounds like it’s for you, click HERE for full description.

Development and Events Manager:

The Development and Event Coordinator La Casa Hogar’s fundraising events, and supports all fundraising letter-writing and mailings. This team member is a systems-thinker, values-oriented, detail-oriented, and is a “people person”. This team member will play a critical role in strategizing and designing La Casa’s overall development strategy to embody equity and our organizational values at the center of their work. This person is creative and has strong follow-through; this person is self-directed yet collaborative with strong, bilingual and bicultural communication skills. She/he partners with the Executive Director and teams with staff to ensure regular promotion and messaging to the public. She/he understands the value of internal communication and regularly offers updates to team members on the events, asking for support and student participation as needed. She/he completes both data entry and analysis and supports a database transition. If this sounds like it’s for you, click HERE for full description.

Bilingual Tech Wizard (Temporary Consultant):

The Bilingual Tech Temporary Consultant will work with La Casa for 4-8 months to overhaul and transition La Casa’s current program database on Microsoft Excel to an online, cloud-based database. This person will design a project timeline that includes:

  • a process to learn and understand our current database uses, assets, needs and user capabilities;
  • time building rapport and understanding the ways each staff member uses data and what inefficiencies each person experiences
  • researching and choosing the best option that satisfies La Casa’s needs and works within the budget
  • trains each staff member, multiple times and in multiple groups to ensure overall staff understanding. Trainings must be done effectively in Spanish and also in English.

Click HERE for full description.