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Impact Report

A note from Executive Director, Laura Armstrong…

Gracias querido Valle de Yakima! Thank you Yakima Valley! Su energía, apoyo, dinero, y tiempo significa que más de 1,700 de sus vecin@s participaron en educación y comunidad en 2019. Your energy, support, money, and time means that over 1,700 of your neighbors participated in education and community in 2019. Gracias por creer en la justicia, la equidad y la fortaleza de nuestra comunidad. Thank you for believing in justice, equity and the strength of our community.

Values to Live By

Empathy: “We disagree with the idea of ‘treating others how you’d like you be treated.’ Instead, we have learned that it’s better to treat others how they’d like to be treated. To know that, we must first build those authentic and trusting relationships.”

Respect: “If you know them well enough you will respect the families in all ways: their culture, their beliefs, their traditions, their manners, their religion, etc. Respect opens a door of trust.

Relationship & Trust: “Because we come from a similar background, language and culture as the families, we are one of them. We’ve overcome those same barriers, then we believe in the potential of each of the families. We have the same kind of dreams, challenges, culture, language, and barriers, they know that we want the best for all of us and they are part of us.”

Authenticity: “Be who you are. Then families can be who they are.”

Justice: “Align yourself with those whose voices are not heard or listened to. Everyone has a voice; some times there’s only space for some. Create the space.”

Equity: “All families deserve what they need to thrive. Many families at La Casa do not have access to what they need. We educate others on racial equity and operationalize it.”

Quick Facts


  • In 2019, over 1,713 vecin@s participated at La Casa Hogar.
  • 72% of students have lived in the U.S. for 10 years or more
  • 100% of students are motivated to cultivate education and skills for success.
  • 147 students participated in English classes in 2019.
  • 126 children were served in La Escuelita and 88% of them progressed to higher developmental levels throughout the 6 objectives tracked from the Creative Curriculum.
  • 85% of La Casa’s dollars are directly invested into programs.
  • Over 103 people volunteered in 2019!
  • 166 of your vecin@s became US Citizens in 2019!
  • 51 parents & caregivers participated in parent education classes through La Escuelita in 2019.
Adult Education: 263 vecin@s participated in English, pre-GED, Spanish literacy, computer literacy, women’s leadership, health & nutrition classes.
Early Learning Center: Using the Creative Curriculum and STEM,educated 75 unique children in 2019, ages 2.5-5 who would not otherwise have access to early education and over 50 more school age and pre-teens throughout other programs.
Citizenship Education and Naturalization: Recognized by the Department of Justice, La Casa offers citizenship education and naturalization legal services. 1,324 Students participated in Citizenship classes in 2019. Over 1,250 people have become U.S. Citizens since 2014.

Download this impact statement as a tri-fold PDF by clicking HERE