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How to play Lotería

Playing the game:

This classic Mexican game, similar to BINGO, has images instead of numbers on the boards. Listen for the caller to shout out a riddle or name of an image and then place a token on your board if you have it. The first player to get all tokens in a row or otherwise and calls out “¡Lotería!” (NOT BINGO) wins. 

This game will be played in rounds with the caller of the cards, calling the cards faster and faster each round. This is a fun, but fast paced game. If you are new to the game, we recommend joining a table with experienced players to help guide you. 

We will play three different ways: Listen to the caller of the cards to know which way the round will be played. 

  • Linea, four in a row. Vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
  • Carta llena, blackout.
  • Esquinas, corners. All four corners of the card.

Note: Once a player calls out “¡Lotería!,” their card will be verified to ensure the win. DO NOT clear the tokens on your card until the winner’s card has been verified. If the player who made the call has a false win, that player will be disqualified and the round will proceed until there is a verified winner.