A Special Message

Dear Amigas y Amigos,
I want to share some news with you. La Casa Hogar was broken into on Wednesday night. Several computers, multiple laptops and a new printer were stolen and a window was broken.
Amidst sadness and trauma, a team of staff, students and Board members began to pick up the pieces. While on the phone with the insurance company, I started to hear voices and laughter from the kitchen … “This is resilience,” I thought. I finished the phone call, and went into the kitchen; Consuelo, Ana, Juanita, and several other students were cooking galletas-cookies and sharing cafe-coffee; “This is community,” I said aloud. When I took a moment to eat a galleta and share cafe, Juanita (La Casa’s eldest student at more than 80 years old) told me her ideas to cook and sell food to generate funds to replace what was stolen and broken. Consuelo chimed in, “Let’s think bigger.” “This is leadership,” I decided.
We have already begun receiving your donations, words of encouragement, and food. Gracias – Thank you. You have asked how you can help… here are two immediate ways:
1) Celebrate your community’s resilience and leadership here at La Casa Hogar on December 20th at 5:30pm at a traditional La Posada holiday event (details to come).
2) Give to La Casa Hogar – funds will be used to update our alarm system and replace stolen technology.
Thank you for your generosity, support, and inspiration. Thank you for making a difference. ¡Gracias por hacer una diferencia!
Laura Armstrong